We have a real nautical feel to Abbotsford Cove with the arrival of various boats to take up their berths at the Marina. The Marina itself, however, is not a part of Abbotsford Cove. The Marina complex is a separate strata plan and the owners have individually purchased their berths. They also pay a lease fee to the Waterways Authority covering the exclusive use of the water space the Marina occupies.
The Waterways lease makes it clear that this area cannot be used for any other purpose. Some folks think that the area is available to Abbotsford Cove residents for fishing but this is not the case. The tip from our fishing expert is that the best fish are caught from the foreshore at the end of Montrose Reserve.
However the Waterways lease does provide an opportunity for Abbotsford Cove residents to use the part of the Marina between the Childproof Gate and the main Security Gate. This area can be used for accessing water taxis during daylight hours and dinghies. There is also storage provided in this area for a limited number of Abbotsford Cove dinghies. There is a cost of $300 a year for this facility and anyone interested in securing a space should contact Tim Ainsworth on 9713 5596 or
The Childproof Gate was installed to prevent children entering the Marina without adult supervision and as a safety precaution is welcomed by the Abbotsford Cove community.
We understand that there is a marina berth for rent, so if you are interested in taking full advantage of our wonderful harbour-side location, then now is the time to fulfil those dreams.
We really do live in a great part of Sydney and the boats bobbing on the Marina at our back door add to our enjoyment.
Cove residents are reminded that the “Public Access” portion of the Marina is for dinghy embarkation and disembarkation only, and no boats or water craft are allowed to tie up to this section, as per the Marina lease with the Waterways Authority. The remaining portion of the Marina (behind the security gates) is PRIVATE and no boats or watercraft can use this section without written permission of that Strata.


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