Living in a Community Scheme

We have all chosen to live in the Abbotsford Cove community scheme. ACCA owns the roads and paths, the pools, the tennis courts, the club room building, the water feature, the seawall, the visitors’ parking areas, landscaped areas, the open access way and the private access ways and most of the open space in Abbotsford Cove, including the foreshore park (Part 3(2)(A)).
Legally, the Community Association is a body made up of one representative from each strata scheme, from each neighbourhood scheme, from Abbotsford House and from the Pavilion.
In some respects community living can be quite different from living in a house or a simple strata scheme. To help their many residents live happily together, community schemes have a number of rules set out in a Management Statement. This is only a brief overview. Consult the Management Statement for the exact wording relating to these topics.
If residents do not comply with by-laws, the Community Association can send a Notice To Comply. If this is ignored, the Community Association can ask the Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal to impose a fine of up to $550.

Summary of Abbotsford Cove By Laws


All street parking in Abbotsford Cove is for visitors only. Residents must park in their garages. (Part 4(6)(A) and Part 3 (19)) (Police can issue fines for parking contrary to No Parking and No Standing signs.)
Details of the ACCA Parking Policy and Guidelines can be found on the Community Association page.

Traffic rules

Normal traffic rules apply on the Community’s roads and roundabouts and can be enforced by police. Please be aware that all of the Abbotsford Cove roads and driveways are “Shared Zones”. This means that the speed limit is 10 km/h and pedestrians have right of way at all times.

Real estate signs

Without approval of the Community Association no signs of any kind are allowed in Abbotsford Cove, including on the frontage to Great North Road, except for small portable “open for inspection” signs on the day of opening.

Washing, bins

Washing must not be visible from outside the building. (Part 4(3)).
Garbage and recycling bins must not be visible from community property. (Part 5(3)).


Approval is required from your strata if you wish to keep a pet. If you take a dog or cat onto Community Property, they must be kept on a leash and must be cleaned up after. Please note that the Foreshore Park is not an off-leash area. Dogs must at all times be kept on a leash.
You also have a responsibility to ensure that your pet is not a nuisance to any other Abbotsford Cove resident. If an animal proves troublesome within a Strata, you should complain to the Strata Manager. If on community property, contact the Community Strata Manager or the City of Canada Bay Council on 9911 6555.


External shutters, blinds, canopies, awnings, bars, security doors, fly screens and other external alterations or decorations on buildings or fences must be approved by the Community Association, after first being approved by the strata or neighbourhood. (Currently the Executive can approve typical alterations on behalf of the Community Association.) (Part 4 (7) & (8)).

Behaviour and noise

Residents and visitors must not behave in a manner or make noise likely to interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of another resident.

Foreshore park

The park is only for passive recreation and ball games (which may not be played anywhere else). Community property may not be used for commercial purposes without the prior written approval of the Community Association. (Part 3(2)(F)).

Gardens and lawns

Residents and visitors must not damage lawns, gardens or trees or use the Community Association property as their own garden.


Available until 10pm for social, leisure and meeting purposes. Community Association, Strata and Neighbourhood meetings have priority. Bookings must be made through the strata managing agent. A $500 deposit is required. This is refunded if the club room is left clean and undamaged. Further information can be found on the Clubhouse Bookings page. (Part 2 (4)).

Attendance at meetings

Proprietors may attend ACCA meetings but may only address the meeting with the approval of the meeting.

Agenda motions

Any proprietor may submit a resolution for inclusion on the agenda of an ACCA meeting. It is usually best to discuss this with your strata or neighbourhood representative first. Only the representatives can vote. Proposed motions must reach the managing agent or the Secretary at least twenty days before the meeting. Notice of each ACCA meeting is distributed to representatives at least fourteen days prior to the meeting. The aim is to distribute minutes of each meeting to representatives within fourteen days after the meeting.
ACCA’s managing agent can provide further information (see the Contacts page for details).

Tennis courts

Available from 8am to sunset. Bookings must be entered on a sheet kept in the Clubhouse kitchen and must be for no more than two consecutive hours. (Part 2 (2) & Part 3(2)(C)).

Swimming pools, sauna and gym

Available from 6am to 10pm. ACCA meetings determine when the Clubhouse pool and the Harbourview Crescent pool are to be heated. Currently the former is heated (solar and gas) all year round and the latter is heated by gas in autumn and spring. (Part 2 (1) & (3)).


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