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Abbotsford Cove Community Association

The strata plans and neighbourhood plans within the Abbotsford Cove development combine together to form the Abbotsford Cove Community Association (ACCA). ACCA is responsible for the maintenance of the community property, including the gardens, pools, clubhouse and tennis courts.
ACCA consists of one representative from each strata or neighbourhood in the community. Your representative will have been elected by your own body corporate or neighbourhood committee.
ACCA meetings are held at the clubhouse once every two months (on the last Thursday of January, March, May, July, September and November). Residents are welcome to attend these meetings, but only the strata/neighbourhood representatives may vote.

Use of community property

The community property areas such as the pools, tennis courts, gym, lawn areas and foreshore park are for use by all residents. Please remember that many people use the community areas and each person is responsible for cleaning up any mess they create.
For the comfort and safety of all residents, the Community Association has had to create a set of rules regarding the use of the community areas. We ask that all residents respect these rules and ensure that any guests they may take onto the community property respect these rules also.
Please note that use of the community property for commercial purposes is prohibited without the written approval of the Community Association.


The Clubhouse (also known as the Community Centre) is available for the use of residents between the hours of 8am and 10pm.
If you wish to hold a function in the Clubhouse, it can be booked through the strata manager. A deposit will be charged and this will be returned once it has been inspected to ensure that it has been left clean and that there has been no damage. Please see the clubhouse bookings page for more details.
When tidying up, please return the chairs to the window end of the meeting room and the tables to the other end. The kitchen must be cleaned and the refrigerator emptied, cleaned out and turned off; please make sure the refrigerator doors are propped open to prevent mould from developing.
The clubhouse houses a collection of books which have been donated by the residents of Abbotsford Cove. They are for the use of all residents. Donations of books are always welcome.
Please do not take pets into the clubhouse building.

Tennis courts

The tennis courts are available for use from 8am to sunset. Tennis court booking sheets can be found in the clubhouse kitchen. The Community Association requests that each tennis court booking should be for no more than two consecutive hours. Bookings are to be made no more than one week in advance.
Owners must at all times accompany guests and children must be supervised by an adult. Please abide by all rules listed on notices displayed, and be considerate of other users and nearby residents. When you have finished, please remove all rubbish from the court and surrounding area and lock the gates as you leave.
The tennis courts are not to be used for any purpose other than tennis. Please do not take pets on to the tennis courts.

Swimming pools

Abbotsford Cove is fortunate to have five pools throughout the development for the use of residents. Pool hours are from 6am to 10pm. Between 6am and 8am and from 6pm to 10pm the Community Association asks residents using the pools to be particularly considerate of those living adjacent to the pools and not make noise.
As you can imagine, the pools are very popular in summer, and we ask residents to respect each other and those living around the pools. As the pools can become very crowded, we ask that you bring no more than four guests to the pools at a time. Owners must at all times accompany guests and children must be supervised by an adult.
As in all complexes with many residents, a number of rules have been made to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all residents. These rules are displayed at each pool. Please respect them and ensure that any guests you take to the swimming pools do so as well. Loutish behaviour will not be tolerated.
Pool 1 (adjacent to the clubhouse) is heated all year. Pool 5 (at the corner of Harbourview Crescent) is heated in autumn and spring. If the Pool 1 heater is not working, the Pool 5 heater is turned on until the Pool 1 heater is back in service.
The Community Association determines the conditions for using the Pools, Sauna and Gym, including any restrictions imposed by the NSW Government of Council, and also the temperatures that the heated pools are set at. (Part 2 (1) & (3) of the Management Statement)
Please report any concerns relating to the pools to pool@abbotsfordcove.org. Please do not take pets into the swimming pool areas.

Gym and sauna

A sauna and a gym equipped with a variety of equipment are located within the Clubhouse building. Because of the large number of residents these facilities must serve, access is limited to residents only. Please consider other residents when using them.

Community access keys

The Community access keys provide residents with access to the Clubhouse, swimming pools and tennis courts. Two keys were issued for each apartment or town-house in Abbotsford Cove and their details recorded in the Key Register. ACCA’s policy is that no more than two keys are to be issued for each residence.
If a key has been lost please contact the strata managers to request a replacement. You will be required to pay $150, $130 of which is a refundable deposit. You may also be required to submit a statutory declaration detailing the circumstances under which the key was lost.

Foreshore park

The foreshore park is a wonderful area for all residents of Abbotsford Cove to enjoy. The Foreshore Park is part of the community property and is maintained by ACCA.
Please remember to remove your rubbish from the park and the foreshore walk and clean up after pets and please be mindful of other residents, particularly those living around the park.

Social groups and activities

A number of social activities are run throughout the year by a group of hard-working and energetic residents. These include an aqua aerobics group and a bridge group which meets in the clubhouse.
Information on some of these activities can be found on the What’s On page. Other information can be found on the noticeboard attached to the wall of the Clubhouse.


ACCA employs Wilson Security to make regular security patrols through Abbotsford Cove. Security has been a concern in Abbotsford Cove from time to time, particularly during the summer months. Please report any incidents which concern you either to Wilson Security or to the local police. Five Dock police welcome reports of security incidents. Please use the local number rather than the emergency 000 number, which should be reserved for emergency situations.
Please note that Wilson Security are employed to provide security services on community property only. Incidents which occur on strata or private property should be reported to the local police. Please see the Contacts page of this website for contact details.


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