Abbotsford Cove Community Association

ACCA is the body responsible for maintaining the community property and facilities at Abbotsford Cove. It is also responsible for seeing that residents comply with their obligations under the Abbotsford Cove Management Statement and its by-laws.
ACCA consists of one representative for each of the stratas and neighbourhoods in Abbotsford Cove. Each representative is elected by the owners of units in the strata or neighbourhood that they represent.
The members of ACCA then elect from amongst the representatives an Executive Committee to carry out the day-to-day work of the Association, and to liaise with the Strata Manager. The current members of the Executive Committee are listed below.
Please remember that all of these people are working on your behalf in a purely voluntary capacity.

Executive Committee
  • Norman Gilmore (Flynn) – Chairman
  • Michael O’Rourke (Terraces 1-14) -  Secretary
  • Narelle Cosenza (Greenway) - Treasurer
  • Nigel Standaloft (Endeavour)
  • Richard Osborne (Chatham 13-30)

ACCA meets bi-monthly, on the last Thursday of January, March, May, July, September and November. The Executive Committee meets every month.
Residents are welcome to attend ACCA meetings as observers and may seek permission to speak, but only the elected representatives (or their nominated proxy if they are absent) can vote.


ACCA appoints Committees to manage major areas of responsibility.
The Garden Committee has responsibility for the maintenance of the gardens and grounds. It works with and oversees the work of our garden contractors. Residents can contact the Garden Committee members by email at garden@abbotsfordcove.org.
The Water Feature Committee is responsible for overseeing the maintenance of the water feature.
The ACCA Executive Committee manages the affairs of the Community Association on a day-to-day basis. It also oversees the contractors who are responsible for the maintenance of the five swimming pools in the complex.

ACCA Communications Guidelines

(adopted 28th January 2010)

The intention of this document is to establish guidelines for communication with the various committees that have been established to support the ACCA Community Association in the running of the Abbotsford Cove community property. These contacts are for community property matters only – anything relating to your own strata or neighbourhood lot should be referred to your own Strata Manager.

ACCA Community Association

All communication should be addressed to our Strata Manager, Whelan Property Group, Bronwyn Eades (email bronwyn@whelanproperty.com.au). For urgent attention phone 9219 4124. Urgent matters will be attended to by Whelan or referred to the relevant committee as soon as practicable.

ACCA Executive

All communication should be addressed to either our Strata Manager, Whelan Property Group, Bronwyn Eades (email bronwyn@whelanproperty.com.au or phone 9219 4124) or the secretary of the ACCA Executive email admin@abbotsfordcove.org.

Maintenance Issues

All communication should be addressed to the maintenance email address maintenance@abbotsfordcove.org.

Garden Committee

All communication should be addressed to the garden committee email address garden@abbotsfordcove.org.

Pool Issues

All communication should be addressed to the pool email address pool@abbotsfordcove.org.
The intention would be for you to receive an acknowledgement of your email or telephone call within 7 days. If the issue can be addressed without the relevant committee having to meet you will receive further notification of the action proposed or taken to address your issue or who you should contact if it is not a Community matter.
If the issue is something that has to go before the relevant committee then the response in regard to the action taken will only be available once the issue has been addressed by the committee – most committees meet once a month.
Please remember the various committee members are volunteers not employees of Abbotsford Cove and their work and efforts to assist the Community are subject to their own time and personal availability.

Visitor Parking Policy

(adopted 28th November 2008)

There are a number of parking spaces throughout the Abbotsford Cove complex which are specifically designated as “Visitor Parking”. These parking spaces are for the use of visitors only and must not be used by Abbotsford Cove residents at any time.
Residents are defined as proprietors, occupiers or lessees of any lot within a strata corporation or neighbourhood association within the Abbotsford Cove complex.
Visitors are defined as those people visiting owners or tenants for periods of time not exceeding forty eight (48) hours.
Residents of Abbotsford Cove are not permitted under Abbotsford Cove Community Association By-law 19 to use visitor parking spaces.
Visitor parking spaces are adjacent to or in front of individual buildings within the complex and in the car park adjacent to the Clubhouse. Parking spaces in designated areas along Abbotsford Cove drive are “Public Parking Spaces” and should also not be used by residents for vehicle parking.
As visitor parking spaces are severely limited throughout the complex, all residents are urged to cooperate in ensuring that visitor parking spaces are kept free for visitors and that residents park their vehicles in their own garages or other secure resident parking areas.

Protocol for Neighbourhood Lots or Stratas requesting permission to use or drive over Community Property

(adopted 28th May 2009)

As the Executive Committee meets monthly, if a strata/neighbourhood requires permission for a contractor or builder to drive equipment over community property or store equipment or goods on community property or use community property as an access to the strata or neighbourhood lot in order to complete work on that strata or neighbourhood lot, this request must be made a minimum of 30 days from the date work is to commence.
Stratas/Neighbourhood Lots should note that the Executive Committee does not have the power to make decisions other than at a meeting and for this reason any requests for approval of work/permission to use community property which are made within 30 days of the date work is to commence will be held over to the next meeting of the Executive Committee and permission will not be given until that time.
The Executive Committee will consider the request at a regular meeting and if approval is given a letter advising permission will be sent to the strata/neighbourhood. The letter is to be counter signed by an office bearer of the strata/neighbourhood and returned.
A refundable bond may be requested from the strata/neighbourhood at the discretion of the Executive Committee. The bond is to cover the costs of any repairs/reinstatement of property which may need to be undertaken once the work is completed.


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